Friday, 9 October 2015


Reports are coming in that a band has neglected to feature Mark Lanegan on its latest track. The matter is still under serious investigation but it is believed that the group in question recently uploaded its new song to SoundCloud in promotion of a forthcoming album. However, when listeners played the composition, they could detect no trace of Mark Lanegan whatsoever. A spokesperson from the American Federation of Musicians described the situation as “profoundly disturbing”. Back in 1999, a law was introduced which decreed that every band was legally obliged to feature Mark Lanegan on all future material. ‘Lanegan’s Law’ was intended to aid the plight of the lowly singer after the dissolution of Screaming Trees threatened to end his career, although some campaigners believe the law has since become old fashioned and unnecessary, much like Lanegan's last solo LP.

The offending track has been removed from SoundCloud, although it has been suggested that the act was an honest mistake; it could have been an early instrumental demo from before Lanegan’s vocals were added, for example. Others who listened to the piece have become convinced that they did indeed hear Lanegan’s distinctive gravelly tones in the background, albeit very low in the mix. Mark Lanegan himself was unavailable for comment as he is in the studio laying down songs for everybody’s next record.

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