Friday, 24 January 2014


It has been confirmed that this week’s Grammy Awards ceremony will include a very special performance, as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will fight one another to the death in order to finally determine who will become the last surviving Beatle.

Speculation has been mounting since Starr “called out” McCartney on his All-Starr Band’s 2010 album Live at the Greek Theatre. The spectacle will be a treat for all Beatles enthusiasts, promising to come close to the unsurpassable level of thrilling tenseness captured in the footage of the Let It Be recording sessions.

The duo will perform a couple of their old hits one final, poignant time before each selecting a weapon from the gladiatorial arsenal at stage left. The audience will be encouraged to chant the “na na na” bit from the end of ‘Hey Jude’ over and over again until one ex-member of the Fab Four ceases to breathe. The victor will then be crowned with an apple-shaped coronet and the loser’s body thrown into a skip round the back with host LL Cool J’s discarded jokes and Robin Thicke’s latest victims.

Commenting on the imminent tussle, Sir Paul McCartney said, “I love Ringo, y’now, oh yeah, woooooo. He’s a brother, y’know, oooooooh, a brother to me, all right, wooooooh, yeah. But we gotta sort this out, y’know? Ooooooh. Oh yeah.”

Not-Sir Ringo Starr MBE had these firm words for his opponent: “That asshole is going down, man. Peace and love, peace and love. I’m gonna teach him pain the likes of which he’s never imagined in his worst nightmares. Peace and love, peace and love. He is one dead motherf***er. Peace and love, peace and love.”

The evening will then climax with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme collaborating on some really weak shit.

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